Pollution | public enemy #1 | premature aging

For a long time, pollution was simply considered to be dirt or dust that could be easily removed by cleansing.

However, it has been discovered that pollution is a massive accelerator of premature aging, and is considered the #1 public enemy to health and beauty. Recognised as a major health problem by WHO, skin aging caused by pollution includes the appearance of lines, wrinkles and dull complexions - before they really should be making a beeline for your face! Studies have shown that  skin prematurely ages when the body is unable to neutralise or detoxify the harmful effects of free radicals carried by pollutants. Pollution is particularly problematic in many Asian capitals where air pollution – including ground level ozone pollution, particulate matter, traffic fumes, UV rays and smog – has hit critical levels.

Your anti-pollution weapon against premature aging

Until we can control pollution and bring it back to acceptable levels, it is strongly recommended that you apply a skincare treatment with anti-pollution actives. Fountain Timeless XII Anti-Pollution and Fountain Day Defence are both indispensable weapons to fight the damaging effects of an urban lifestyle. Instantly protecting from smog and urban pollution and environmental aggressors, Timeless XII face oil is designed to penetrate the skin at a cellular level, while our unique plant-based formula Day Defense SPF15 creates a thin barrier between your skin and the air – limiting your exposure to pollution particles. Lightweight and non-greasy, these anti-pollution products are essential for anyone who lives a busy life and wants to protect their skin from premature aging and achieve a radiant glow.
fight pollution and premature aging with Timeless Anti-Aging Serum Fight pollution and premature aging with Timeless Anti-Aging Serum protection against the damage induced by pollution with Day Defense SPF15 Protection against the damage induced by pollution with Day Defense SPF15