BB & CC Cream

The basis for any makeup application, foundation, is an important element in maintaining your overall look. Fountain Cosmetics’ range of good quality foundation will help you achieve a polished, even skin tone. Achieving flawless skin is effortlessly achieved by incorporating Fountain Cosmetics’ foundation makeup into your everyday skin routine.

When you’re purchasing foundation makeup, it is important to identify your skin type. Whether you have an oily or dry complexion, we are confident we have the perfect foundation that will complement your skin type. Our comprehensive range will help keep your skin hydrated as we use a mineral-based formula which is light on sensitive skin.

To hydrate, condition and protect your skin, take a look at our BB cream foundation which contains nourishing ingredients to reverse the signs of ageing.

How BB Creams Give You Silky Smooth Skin

Like a tinted moisturiser, BB creams have a light covering that can't be seen. It makes spots look less noticeable, which makes your skin look more even as a whole. Not only does it keep your skin moist, but based on how it's made, it can also make your skin smooth and matte.

CC Creams Make Your Beauty Routine Simpler

CC Creams give you more covering like a foundation and also let you skip the extra step of colour correcting. Acne or hyperpigmentation, which are stubborn skin problems that still show through the foundation, need colour-correcting makeup to help get rid of the red or purple colours. With makeup that both hides and gets rid of spots, CC creams are the best of both worlds.



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