Hair treatment | hairceuticals

Embrace the age of hairceuticals.

You may have heard of the word “hairceuticals”. Like cosmetcuiticals - a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals - hairceuticals are hair treatment products that combines biologically active ingredients claiming medical benefits with haircare products. Think of it as a marriage between haircare and pharmaceuticals. The reason for this new hair treatment trend is the growing demand by you, the consumer, for remedial measures to reverse damage caused by styling, coloring and straightening your hair. Others hair treatment products coming under the hairceuticals banner are remedies that treat prematurely greying hair or hair that is falling out.

Packed with power

Hairceuiticals deliver a powerful dose of proteins, amino acids and vitamin E to help restructure hair stands. They provide a boost to hair that regular shampoos and conditioners can’t. With a wide range of hair treatments now freely available, you can give your locks deep conditioning therapy at home, instead of having to visit the a salon. Many of these hairceuitical products are available in specialty stores and come with premium price tag. Fountain Cosmetics has a range of deep nourishing hairceuticals that use innovative actives, such as lipids and peptides, to target specific needs, such as to:
  • hydrate and nourish
  • increase elasticity
  • protect against heat stress
  • protect against pollutants, and
  • protect against chemicals.
The really good news is, they are at affordable prices, so you can give your hair a potent boost of conditioning as often as you like.

Fountain hair treatment products

• Color Reconstructive Mask - restores elasticity, shine and strength to damaged hair • Exquisite Moisture Mask - revitalises dry, damaged and color-treated hair • Curl Mousse - hydrates hair to keep it soft and manageable • Curl Cream - protects and hydrates • Volumising Mousse - protects hair from heated styling tools • Flow Detangler - seals dry ends and prevents breakage