Hydrate from within

Hydrate your skin from within with collagen beauty drinks - a new trend taking the US and Europe by storm.
Oral nutritional supplements, or ready-to-drink collagen beauty beverages, is a growing market and is expected to reach US$7.4 billion over the next five years. “In addition to a good skincare routine, we recommend a healthy lifestyle that involves regular, moderate exercise and nutritious foods to help fight premature aging,” says Natalie Sleiman, CEO of Fountain Cosmetics. “We understand that consumers of our skincare products are looking for more options to slow down the signs of aging, improve their skin’s elasticity and radiate beauty from within. “Fountain has the solution with our range of 12 super-nourishing collagen beauty drinks. Each contains a unique blend of natural and clinically proven ingredients to nourish your body from the inside. “Our nutritious blend of hydrolysed proteins (collagen and dairy peptides) supplies micro-nutrients to vital amino acids, vitamins and minerals that help maintain health and wellbeing, while our blend of fruit and vegetable extracts are high in anti-oxidants and includes Beta-glucan – a soluble fibre from oat bran. “Fountain Anti-Aging collagen beauty drinks also include vitamins A, B1, Biotin, Niacin and C and minerals that help nourish skin, hair and nails.” Fountain Nutra-Nourish Anti-Aging Beauty Drinks are free from artificial flavours and artificial colours and are naturally low in sugar, fat and gluten. 1. Super Anti-Oxidant 2. Healthy Aging 3. Strong Flexibility 4. Timeless Skin 5. Super Protein 6. The Centre 7. Life 8. Sight 9. Resistance 10. Physical Power 11. Think 12. Shape This product works best when consumed as part of a balanced diet and regular exercise.