Radiate this spring with a Fountain skincare makeover

Longer days, warmer nights, and the lingering scent of blossoms in the air can mean only one thing: spring has arrived and its time for a skincare routine makeover.
But first, shed those winter layers and take a good hard look at yourself! At your skin, that is. Your skin takes a beating over the winter months. Low humidity combined with the dry air from air conditioners and indoor heating can sap the moisture right out of your skin. On top of that, you may have overlooked – even neglected – to moisturise areas of your body that have been concealed undercover. Think décolletage, neck, legs, feet, arms, back... The result? Dry, dull and often itchy skin. The good news is, a few simple steps in your skincare routine using skin-loving products will restore your skin back to health and have you looking refreshed and radiating during the warmer months ahead.

Step 1: Remove dry winter skin

The best chance of your skin rejuvenating and hydrating after the harsh winter spell is by starting your spring skincare routine with a face scrub and mask. Exfoliating has twin benefits: it removes dry, flakey skin and allows your moisturiser to penetrate deeper into your skin. For gentle exfoliation, simply apply your usual cleanser to your face, neck and décolletage. Then with a damp face cloth, massage using circular motions. Rinse. The fibres of the face cloth may be all you need to exfoliate, especially if your skin type is oily.

Step 2: Skin deep

Take a close look at your jaw bone, chin, lips, cheeks and, most importantly, your décolletage – which you’ll no doubt be revealing again now the mercury is rising. If your skin needs deeper action, we recommend upping your skincare routine with a hydrating mask. We recommend Fountain Hydrating Face Mask. Apply to your face and décolletage and let it set for five to 10 minutes, then gently rinse off using a wet face cloth. Formulated to be light and refreshing, the Hydrating Face Mask will leave your skin feeling softer, cleaner and more youthful looking.

Step 3: Tone

Your next step in your skincare routine is to tone. We recommend spraying Fountain Hydrating Toner all over your cleansed skin. Created with a fusion of fruit and plant extracts with potent anti-oxidant properties, the Hydrating Toner will help skin cells to regenerate and prepare your skin for moisturisation.

Step 4: Drench

Now you’ve thoroughly cleaned your skin it is ready for a good, long drink. Fountain has a range of luxurious moisturisers to nourish and hydrate the skin. We recommend applying Fountain Total Moisture all over your face, neck and décolletage. Provide an extra nourishing boost of moisture to your skincare routine by following with five drops of Timeless Hydrating Peptide Infused Oil and massage into your skin. For extremely dry or mature skin, apply   Fountain Think HA serum after your moisturiser.

Step 5: Bundle and save!

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Four Quotes that resonate with us for the spring season

Spring-Robin-Williams-QuoteAn optimist is the human personification of spring. - Susan J. Bissonette No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. - Proverb “Despite the forecast, live like its spring.” - Lilly Pulitzer So, on that note, let’s party for spring.   Always here to help Your Fountain Team   At Fountain we produce a range of premium quality skincare at affordable prices that help you feel beautiful every day. Fountain is developed and produced in Australia by our team of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping you look after your skin.