Serpent of youth | mimic wrinkle treatment

A wrinkle treatment like no other!

Everyone is looking for a magic elixir, or wrinkle treatment, to reverse facial folds, creases, ridges, and grooves. Often referred to as crow’s feet, laughter lines, and frown lines, they all come under the broader umbrella group of mimic wrinkles or expression lines. We can’t prevent expression lines. These facial creases define our features and are reinforced every time we laugh, cry, frown, or act surprised. As we age and these lines become more acute, many of us look seek out a magic elixir, or wrinkle treatment, that will reduce their length and depth. Until recently, treating expression lines has not been easy.

Lines and wrinkles

There are many causes for lines and wrinkles*:
  • lifestyle factors, such as smoking, drug taking, and excessive drinking;
  • environmental factors, eg. smog and atmospheric pollution
  • dehydration;
  • facial expressions;
  • and of course aging.
The deepest wrinkles of all, however, are expression lines. Expression lines are the result of repeated facial movements. Every time we laugh, cry or frown, the muscles just below the surface of the skin contract. As we age and our skin starts to lose its elasticity, expression lines start making deeper depressions on our faces. What were once our defining facial features, start to age us. Deep furrows or frown lines appear on our foreheads, crinkles around the eyes become crow’s feet, and laughter lines become deep grooves.

Expression lines and mimic wrinkle treatment

Invasive treatments such as Botox injections and collagen fillers have been used to temporarily reverse the appearance of expression lines. However, these treatments are expensive, unpleasant and, anyone who has ever flipped through a woman’s glossy can attest, some results are far from ideal. But there is an innovative, non-evasive wrinkle treatment that mimics snake venom to soften expression lines and return your complexion to a younger, more natural and relaxed state.

Fountain Total Moisture containing SYN®-AKE

Total Moisture contains SYN®-AKE, a cutting edge wrinkle treatment that mimics the effect of a peptide found in Temple Viper venom. It works by temporarily immobilising facial contractions to smooth out expression lines, leaving skin looking and feeling healthier and firmer. In vitro tests found that applying a facial cream with 4% SYN®-AKE twice daily for 28 days, participants had a 52% decrease in wrinkle size (measured on the forehead). Fountain Total Moisture
  • Relaxes facial lines to reduce wrinkle size and depth by 52%
  • Firms skin
  • Accelerates natural skin repair process
  • Improves elasticity
  • Restores firmness and plumpness
BUY FOUNTAIN TOTAL MOISTURE NOW*Wrinkle depth in micrometres (µm)
  • Secondary lines: 5–40µm deep
  • Primary lines: 20–100µm deep)
  • Expression lines: more than 100µm deep.