Baby skincare essentials | happy baby, happy home

Less is more when it comes to baby’s grooming needs. To help you bond with your baby and protect her from skin problems, Fountain Cosmetics has designed a nourishing baby skincare essentials range suitable for newborns, toddlers and people with sensitive skin.

Expecting your first baby is the most exciting time in your life. Preparing the nursery and buying tiny socks and baby clothing feels almost like you’ve been sent back to your childhood and you’re playing with dolls. Except of course it is the real deal. You are going to bring a little baby into this world who will rely on you for nourishment, comfort and wellbeing. When it comes to baby’s skincare needs, keep in mind: less is more. A handful of fragrance-free baby skincare essentials will keep your baby happy, healthy and free of skin irritations.

Sensitive skin

Babies and young children’s skin is delicate. It is much thinner and more absorbent than adult skin. Therefore, its natural protective barrier is less effective and can result in inflamed skin and irritations. Rates of eczema and allergies in children are on the rise. And research suggests harsh toiletries could be the culprit. A few fragrance-free (why would you want to mask that gorgeous, sweet newborn scent anyway?), baby skincare essentials are all you need to keep your baby’s skin clean, nourished and problem free. Fountain Baby collection has been specially formulated to be gentle on baby skin. It has been allergy tested and is suitable for newborns, toddlers and anyone with sensitive skin. It is made from natural ingredients and anti-inflammatory properties. This collection calms and soothes sensitive and irritated skin and hydrates to reduce chafing and dryness.

Bath time

A gentle body wash is essential to cleanse your baby’s hair and body. Avoid baby shampoos and baby bath products with harsh ingredients like sulphates and parabens. Fountain’s gentle, tear-free Baby Total Wash is formulated using only natural ingredients. Our nourishing cleanser is sulphate and paraben FREE, so you can rest assured your little one’s delicate skin will be left clean, soft and conditioned and without the risk of irritation.

Salves and lotions

Creams and lotions are beautifully hydrating, while a salve or serum is used to soothe and protect. Formulated using a blend of natural ingredients and skin softening oils, Fountain Baby Soothing Face Serum softens and instantly soothes irritated and itchy skin. Apply to your baby’s delicate facial skin to help protect her from: milk rash, dribble rash, windburn, chafing, eczema, cradle cap and dry skin. To keep baby’s body soft and moisturised, apply Fountain Baby Calming Body Lotion. Our nourishing lotion supports your baby’s skin barrier while moisturising dry, flaky patches, leaving her skin soothed, soft, and conditioned.

Barrier balms

To prevent rashes and angry, inflamed skin caused by dribbling and/or wet nappies, we have developed two skin barrier balms that draw moisture away and reinforce her skin’s barrier function. Fountain Baby Protect Nappy Comfort Cream significantly reduces the severity and duration of nappy rash. Formulated using plant-based ingredients to form a thin, waterproof barrier, it eliminates water-loss from your baby’s skin and protects her from wet and dirty nappies. Apply at first signs of redness. Fountain Baby So Soft Cream to Powder is a nourishing cream that becomes powdery when applied to the skin. Unlike our Nappy Comfort Cream, it can be applied anywhere on the body that moisture accumulates. Such as on the face from dribbles or bottom from wet nappies. Our Cream to Powder soothes baby’s skin by drawing away moisture resulting in a dry, comfortable, happy baby

Massage oil

Massaging your baby provides a unique bonding experience and is very rewarding for many parents. Using a good, quality massage oil will also help to nourish your baby’s skin. When selecting a massage oil for your baby, choose one that is beneficial to infant skin. Some brands of baby oil are based on mineral oil, which can cause irritations. Fountain Baby Nourishing Massage Oil is formulated using a blend of natural skin softening oils to prevent irritation and enhance softness and smoothness.