The Fountain office's New Year skincare resolutions

We've gone around the office to ask what everyone is prioritising in 2018. Here's our roundup of our New Year skincare resolutions -- and here's to better skin!

1. Bringing products down to the neck and decolletage.

We mastered the habit of putting on sunscreen every day, so now it's on to making sure our neck and decolletage don't give our age away! The Think A is a particular favourite, and we expect to see those fine neck lines disappearing soon!

2. Showing off our skin... even when it's not flawless.

Our biggest New Year skincare resolution is to be okay with having imperfect skin. It's impossible to have 24/7 blemish-free skin, and frankly, we're ready to have that extra half-hour of sleep instead of waking up early to cover up our skin. We're foregoing the heavy foundations and opting for daily use of BB Cream or CC Cream. Nothing like a 2-in-1 moisturiser and foundation.

3. Never skipping a face wash.

We're ashamed to admit it, but there's been more than one Friday and Saturday night when we stumbled home and into bed with our makeup on. We're going easy on ourselves, though, and keeping the Redefine 2-Phase Cleanser on our bedside table. No need to make things more difficult than they have to be!

4. Hydrating our skin throughout the day

The Hydrating Toner comes in a handy travel-sized 50ml bottle, so we're honestly not sure why we didn't think about carrying it around sooner. One quick mist is enough for skin to immediately feel less parched. This little bottle is taking a permanent spot on our desks. And in our handbags. And our car.

5. Taking our vitamins.

Most of us are too sleepy to pop vitamins before our morning coffee, so we're tackling the problem with Nutra Nourish powders during our lunch breaks. It's a quick and easy way to get our hydration needs in and boost our energy levels, and it comes in so many flavours that we're pretty sure we're never going to go back to the vitamin bottle.