Foot care for summer: keep your feet summer sandal ready

Winter is over and it's time to put away the cosy socks, warm boots and chic booties. It's the season for sandals, flip flops and walking barefoot on the beach -- but these summer-time activities can wreak havoc on your feet. Here are our foot care tips for keeping your feet soft and comfortable for those Instagram snaps or summer weddings.

1. Soak to soften

Good foot care starts with a comforting foot soak. Soak your feet in warm water to prep the skin for exfoliation.

For extra pampering, add 2 drops of Timeless IV -- Hydrating peptide-infused oil to your foot soak. The blend of hydrating oils will soften your skin as your feet soak and the gorgeous scent adds just the right amount of everyday luxury.

2. Scrub away rough skin

Walking barefoot in the sand or over rocky shores is one of the highlights of an Aussie summer, but skin responds to repeated exposure to rough surfaces by thickening into calluses.

Though calluses are great for protecting your feet, not everyone wants to have them peeking out of their summer sandals.

Remove build-up of thick skin gently. Overdoing this can cause harder skin to develop! Start with a gentle scrub and spot-treat areas with a pumice stone.

Don't forget to exfoliate above the ankle for seamlessly smooth skin -- good foot care encompasses all the skin around the foot.

3. Seal in moisture

Dry foot skin can lead to painful thick calluses or cracked heels. Avoid this by applying hydrating creams to your freshly scrubbed and smooth skin.

For extra hydration, different types of products. Start with a deeply-absorbing oil with restorative vitamins and antioxidants. Apply to damp skin and massage well into the cuticles.

Finish with a nourishing rich moisturiser to protect and heal the skin.