Why you should use color safe hair products

When you find your perfect colour, the last thing you want to do is watch it wash down the drain. Coloured locks need to be treated with special care, and this includes considering colour safe hair products.

Hair dye is made up of small molecules that open up the protective layer of your hair and deposit colour inside the hair strand. This is a rough process on your hair, so using the right products and treating your hair gently is the way to go. Here are our tips: 1. Wait after colouring to wash your hair. The cuticle — the outside protective layer of a hair strand — takes up to 72 hours to fully close after being opened up by hair dye. Washing your hair too soon after colouring it will wash out the dye, reducing the vibrancy of the colour. 2. Don't wash too often, and keep the water as cool as possible. Every wash drains the dye out of your hair and promotes fading, so wash your hair only when necessary. And try not to indulge in extra hot showers — this can cause extra damage to your hair, which is already quite delicate from being colour-treated! 3. Use products for colour-treated or dyed hair. Some people will tell you that hair products labelled 'for coloured hair' is a marketing trick, but good shampoos and conditioners truly do exist for coloured hair. Look for shampoos without extra-drying sulfates (the ingredient that causes foam), because sulfates can damage the colour. A well-formulated shampoo will cleanse the hair without stripping the scalp of essential oils, and often contain extra moisturising ingredients to deliver extra hydration to dry, colour-treated hair. Our Color Shampoo contains blue seakale, a marine extract that works to protect coloured hair from environmental stressors like sun exposure. Keep an eye out for protein-rich products like our Color Conditioner with keratin and quinoa. Infusing your hair with a keratin conditioner after shampooing will strengthen the hair strand, allowing it to maintain colour for longer.