In-flight Pampering for Holiday Perfect Skin

By now, every celebrity and beauty specialist has discussed their in-flight skin routine in blogs, articles and videos. (And now it makes sense how celebs manage to get off a long haul flight looking so glowy!) But most of these routines require huge commitment or a lot of confidence — not everyone is ready to put on a paper sheet mask dripping with serum on a fully-booked flight! For those of you who want something a little less OTT, here are our tips for overcoming plane cabin skin. 1. Remove your makeup. Remove all your makeup as soon as you board the plane. Mattifying makeup products like setting powder can dry out your skin, making your pores appear bigger and causing more oil production. You'll also want to reapply moisturising products throughout the flight, so removing your makeup is a must to let these nourishing ingredients sink in. Keep it simple by using an all-in-one cleanser and makeup remover that you can wipe off, like our Redefine: 2 Phase Cleanser. This will save you from having to get up and wash your face in the airplane bathroom, and the antioxidants and AHAs will work to keep your skin looking radiant. 2. Skip the mask and go for a concentrated serum. Most beauty celebs suggest in-flight masks, but this can get messy: wash-off masks means going back and forth between your seat and the bathroom, and sheet masks means extra mess. Instead, simply tap a few drops of a Timeless peptide-infused oil targeted for your skin needs. These face oils give an intense hydrating boost with restorative peptides and antioxidants that are perfect for healing and protecting your skin from harsh in-flight air. 3. Seal everything in with a moisturising sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must when flying. Those Instaworthy clouds reflect UV light back into the airplane, and the altitude means that you're exposed to more UV rays than on the ground. Protect your skin from those damaging UV rays with a thick layer of sunscreen. A moisturising, lightweight facial sunscreen will feel more comfortable than heavy, thick sunscreens for the body. Reapply your sunscreen every couple of hours during the flight to reinforce your skin's SPF shield and to ensure that the moisture from your Timeless oil continues to work on your skin instead of evaporating into the air.