Fountain Ideal Moisturiser

Fountain Ideal Moisturiser
AMC Advanced Moisture Complex NP is a "super complex" of classical moisturizers that soften skin immediately after application and generates optimal moisture for 24 hours. It has exceptional water-binding properties, strengthens the skin barrier, and provides benefits that are superior to hyaluronic acid. It is a slightly hazy to transparent liquid, with a colorless to pale yellow Color and characteristic odor. It is water-soluble with a pH 4.6-8.0.
How does Advanced Moisture Complex treat dry skin? Advanced Moisture Complex addresses the different causes of dry skin with a comprehensive approach. • A high-performance moisturizer
• Barrier components reduce Transepidermal water loss (TEWL)
• Moisture locking mechanism that binds moisture to skin surface  
What makes this approach to dry skin unique?
Advanced Moisture Complex is a balanced blend of performance ingredients (moisturizers, humectants, film formers, conditioners, and water-binding agents) each of which addresses the different causes of dry skin.
What are the skin benefits for the consumer?
Advanced Moisture Complex has an intense hydrating activity, both short and long-term (up to 24 hours, in vivo data).