Can you trust a product that claims to be "natural"

The word "natural" is bandied around a lot in the cosmetics industry. But what does "natural" actually mean?

Any cosmetics brand that feels compelled to tell you their products are natural, in all likelihood may not be.
In Australia there is no official, single definition of what constitutes a natural product.
Understandably, there are a lot of grey areas around the use of this claim. Products claiming to be natural could be 100%, 50% or just contain a few natural ingredients.
A natural claim is probably the least trustworthy of all the cosmetics label claims because it says absolutely nothing about the quality or the safety of the ingredients used in the finished product.
In the EU it is mandatory to list known irritants or allergens on the label to warn consumers that the product may cause a reaction in some people. Many of these potential allergens are in fact natural chemicals, but some companies actually list these ingredients as “natural” to disguise the fact that the reason for listing these ingredients is actually to serve as a warning to consumers who may be prone to allergic reactions. Are you paying a premium price for a product that you can’t really trust to live up to the claim?
Hyaluronic acid, found in Fountain HA Serum, is a high performance moisturiser and occurs naturally in the human body.