Best Beard Styles for Men

Best Beard Styles for Men

Are you considering growing a beard? Do you feel like there are too many beard styles to choose from? And of course, there's that one question that tops all the others - which beard style will be the right one for you?

Beard Styles

Growing a proper beard is not an easy thing to do, we totally understand. You need to have patience, proper gear and a few good products along the way to reach your preferred beard style. Especially if you're going for some long styles.


How to Grow a Beard

Whatever style you choose to grow, no matter how complicated it may seem, it's not always obligatory to go and visit a local barber shop. Sure, it's 10 times easier, but the "do it yourself" approach has some intrinsic value here as well.

There are many beard styles to choose from. Browsing through images is the fun part, but growing and trimming a beard can be a bit tricky. That being said, you need to know a few basics and own couple of tools to turn your imagination into reality. Explore the Fountain Men's Series to find products that will make your skin healthier and help you achieve your desired style.

Fountain Men Series

Nowadays people are all about videos. You can find a tonne of quality video material for various beard styles on YouTube for instance. In this section, let's focus first on some insider tips to growing serious facial hair. Study this carefully as it will save you a lot of trouble later on.


Why do you need a beard oil?

  • Absolutely essential part of any beard adventure
  • They add aroma and increase blood flow helping your beard grow
  • Stay away from citrus oils if you have sensitive skin

Why do you need a beard comb?

  • Helps prevent ingrown hairs
  • Allows your beard to grow in the right direction
  • Quick fix in the morning - time saver
  • Never buy a comb that's not for beard care in the first place

how to trim a beard

Why do you need a trimmer?

  • Stop everything if you don't have one. Seriously!
  • A critical piece to maintain a good look and reach desired beard style
  • If you're "razor-sensitive", a trimmer will make you really happy

Famous Beard Styles

Life is more than just one beard style. You should experiment and find the one that suits your face best and gives you a sense of comfort. Don't stop until you're satisfied.

The FOUNTAINomics team looked over many beard styles and followed all the hype signs across the web. We think it's safe to say that each of these 4 suggestions is a great pick and definitely a look worth the trouble.

Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops


Description: Think of it as an extended version of sideburns. And yes, we're all thinking of the Wolverine character portrayed by Hugh Jackman.


Suitable for: Circular face shape

How to Grow: Let your sideburns grow to the corner of your mouth freely. You actually don't need to do that much. Once it's grown, eliminate a part of it, creating a fine line from each corner of your mouth. Connect it with your moustache if you prefer to have it as well.


Video: Mutton Chops Quest
Role Models: Hugh Jackman, Bill Murray and Samuel L. Jackson

Van Dyke

Van Dyke Beard


Description: Make no mistake, this is a legendary style coming all the way back from the 17th century. It was a signature look from Anthony Van Dyke. It doesn't take that long to grow, but requires trimming excellence and precision.

Suitable for: Guys with narrow chin


How to grow: Leave your razor for 2 weeks and be patient. Then, shave off all the hair on your neck, cheek and sideburns, leaving your moustache untouched. Let the beard on your chin grow about 2 inches long, then just trim everything to achieve the V shape.

Video: Van Dyke Quest
Role Models: Antony Van Dyke, Johnny Depp and Pierce Brosnan

Full Beard

Full Beard


Description: The star in the beard world and most preferred style out there for sure. It requires some grooming skills and patience. But once you fully grow it, you will see its power.


Suitable for: Diamond-looking chaps

How to Grow: This beard style will unfortunately depend on your genetics. Just let it grow and if you are lucky enough that hair grows all over your face, just trim it until you reach desired look. But stop shaving for 6 weeks to have something to work with in the first place.


Video: Full Beard Quest
Role Models: Jack Gyllenhaal, Shia Labeouf and Hagrid from Harry Potter

Circle Beard

Circle Beard


Description: A moustache and rounded goatee combination. You may label it as a classic beard style. It can be seen on many businessmen who don't want to have a clear-shaved look. Hence, they go for a circle beard.


Suitable for: Round faces

How to Grow: Growing this one can be a bit tricky. Especially when it comes to shaving and trimming. First, you need to leave your beard grow, around 2 weeks to be exact. Again, genetics will dictate the tempo. Once it's grown, go for the circle shape or visit your barber shop to achieve perfection. Then, keep up with the maintenance.


Video Circle Beard Quest
Role Models: Bryan Cranston, Brad Pitt and Richard Branson

How to Grow Your Beard Faster

The necessity of a nice-looking beard style is a quite debatable topic. For men it represents a sign of masculinity and they take great amount of pride when it comes to moustache and beard styles.


Beard Styles


There's a great article from the BBC that tackles one man's ability to fully grow a beard.


They revealed some interesting facts on how both genders perceive men with facial hair, but also asked the ladies if they're really that interested in guys with a beard style or prefer clean-shaved look.


You may be wondering how long does it take to grow a certain style or how to grow beard faster. Although you don't need to worry that much about being the only guy in your class without facial hair or one of the gents in your office with only a few hairs on your chin, we've prepared couple of tips to speed up this process.


Tip #1 - Exfoliate skin

You already know the drill. Just repeat this process once a week and you're good to go. It will remove dead cells and stimulate hair growth.

Tip #2 - Protect Your Face

It's simple! Keep your skin clean. You can wash it with warm water using a mild cleanser twice a day. Again, it's all about hair growth.


growing a beard

Credits: Details Pinterest Profile


Don't mind if we propose one of the products from our very own Men Series. Depending on what you need of course, you will definitely find something that's natural and really good for your skin.


Tip #3 - Natural Oils

There are a few natural oils that can help stimulate beard growth. Eucalyptus oil, Rosemary oil and Cococonut oil are great examples. Applying moisturiser with and of these oils and massaging it on your face can speed up things too.


Tip #4 -  Manage Your Lifestyle

It may sound like something you've heard before, but if you manage stress, sleep and eat well, train and live a healthy lifestyle, all this can actually transmit into one of those beard styles you're aiming for. Or so says the legend...


These and some other tips can be found on Wiki How page. One note though! You are going to stumble upon many suggestions explaining you why it's good to take various supplements to stimulate the hair growth. We recommend you skip those. Instead, be proud of your clean-shaved look or goofy looking beard style. Confidence is everything and that beard style will be achieved, eventually!


Plus, supplements are there to make up for any deficiency in your food regiment. Try to make your diet more balanced. If you still want to be full speed ahead, you can boost your testosterone. The way to do it is to eat more red meat, avoid soy products and renew your gym membership. Don't neglect spinach, nuts, avocados, olives, broccoli, and olive oil.


Instagram Beard Style Inspiration

facial hair styles

Credits: Real Men Real Style


Finally, in order to become more creative and get additional inspiration, we've put up a list with links to some awesome Instagram accounts focusing on  different beard styles. So, without further ado, here's the list:

  1. Beird Frontier
  2. The Dapper Duke
  3. Bearded Villains
  4. Beard Brand