What is Squalane?

What is Squalane?

Squalane naturally occurs in our bodies.

In fact, it is among the most common lipids produced by human skin cells, making up approximately 10 percent of our sebum. On the surface of the skin, it acts as a barrier to protect the skin from moisture loss and provide a shield against environmental toxins.


Age-fighting emollient

The body's squalane levels start declining in our 20s. Applying a moisturiser containing nourishing squalane helps to lubricate the surface of your skin, resulting in a softer texture and smoother appearance. Over time, using a skincare product containing this substance can reduce wrinkles, eliminate scars, reverse UV damage, erase and lighten freckles and skin pigmentation, and fighting free radicals.


The age-fighting emollient is also antioxidant-rich and can be commonly found in deodorants, lip balms, lipstick, moisturisers, suntan lotions and supplements.


The emollient rapidly penetrates the skin and is absorbed quickly and completely, without any lingering residue because it mimics our body's natural moisturisers.


Fountain Total Moisture  contains squalane.