Summertime blues | skin and hair problems? | We’ve got you covered

When the summer season is in full swing, the hot weather, not to mention fun in the sun, can wreak havoc on your skin and hair.

If your skin type is dry, you may find it is raw and itchy. If it is oily, then the hot humid weather may be causing excessive breakouts. And if you have been enjoying a dip at the beach or in the pool, you may find your hair is taking on a life of its own. To get through the hottest time of year, you may need to take some decisive steps to combat the effects of summer. To assistance you in your quest, we’ve pulled together a summer skin and hair care beauty bucket list. From skin renewing facial oils to softening exfoliators, anti-frizz treatments to instant tans and sun protection, Fountain Cosmetics has you covered. Problem: Sunburn Solution: Fountain Super Moisture SPF50+ / Fountain After Sun Moisturiser Prevention is the best line of defence when it comes to sunburn. Don’t get fried. Remember to Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide. When slopping on a facial moisturiser, make sure it has a SPF rating. Fountain Super Moisture SPF50+ provides vital hydration to the skin and is a powerful sunscreen, featuring the highest possible SPF rating. After a day in the sun, massage a generous amount of Fountain After Sun Moisturiser into your whole body. Use daily as a part of your summer beauty routine. Problem: Blemished and rough skinSolution: Fountain Skin Exfoliant Summer can take its toll on all skin types. The intense heat and sweat can cause oily skin to break out at the most inconvenient times, while dry skin can become dehydrated and rough. Exfoliating twice a week removes dead skin cells and dry spots, as well as unclogging pores that can lead to blackheads and acne. Our non-abrasive facial exfoliater Fountain Skin Exfoliant contains natural occurring AHAs to even out skin tone and texture and give your skin a fresh, healthy appearance, ready for moisture. For oily skin, follow with Fountain Actual Moisture. Containing an intelligent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, botanical extracts and natural AHAs, it helps control oil while it moisturises. For dry skin, follow with Fountain Total Moisture, specially designed to treat dryness by forming a protective moisture-absorbing barrier to restore firmness and plumpness. Problem: Dehydrated skin Solution: Timeless VI Hydrating Peptide Infused Oil If your skin is dry and flaky or is struggling to maintain moisture during the hot weather, then adding a face oil to your skincare routine will help to hydrate your skin and lock in moisture. After cleansing, apply Timeless VI Hydrating Peptide Infused Oil. Scientifically formulated with a radical active ingredient complex, including plant stem cells, plant peptides and vitamin serums, it works at a cellular level to nourish and repair your skin with a powerful collagen boost. Our face oil provides immediate and long lasting hydration and creates a protective barrier to prevent damage from sun and wind exposure, resulting in a complexion that has a natural, healthy glow. Problem: Dull skin Solution: Collagen beauty drinks Dark leafy greens are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help to nourish skin and brighten a dull complexion. So get stuck into green smoothies brimming with kale or salads that are bursting with spinach. If, however, you have an aversion to the colour green or you simply don’t consume enough of them, then another way of nourishing your skin from within is with Fountain NutraNourish collagen beauty drinks. Containing a unique blend of natural and clinically proven ingredients, such as bioactive collagen peptides, beta-glucan and antioxidant fruit extracts, our anti-aging beauty drinks supply micro-nutrients to replenish and nourish your skin, hair and nails. Problem: Eczema Solution:Fountain Ideal Moisture If you regularly suffer from eczema, you’ll already know to avoid products containing perfumes and detergents. Characterised by dry, scaly and often itchy skin, this skin condition can be brought on from stress or heat. For seasonal eczema, choosing skincare that is gentle and fragrance-free will go a long way in helping the problem.  Fountain Ideal Moisture contains no artificial fragrance or color and is ideal for sensitive skin. The medium-weight formula contains apple and alpine rose stem cells to stimulate skin cells and safeguard against dryness and sun damage. If eczema is severe, see your doctor. Problem: Dry, dull hair Solution: Fountain Exquisite Moisture Mask The sun, sea, wind and chlorine can do serious damage to your hair. To reverse damage, pamper your locks with FountainExquisite Moisture Mask deep conditioning treatment. Designed to revitalise dry, damaged and color-treated hair, this intense hair mask contains keratin to bring tired hair back to life with renewed lustre and shine, and Keravis, which penetrates the hair cuticle to strengthen from within while lubricating and protecting the surface of the hair. Problem: Pale or pasty skin Solution: Instant tan If you’re stuck in an office all day or your skin just doesn’t tan easily, but you would really like that natural sun-kissed glow for summer, then a tanning lotion is the solution. Containing argan oil, shea butter and natural vitamin E, Fountain Face Tan SPF15 nourishes your skin while providing moderate UV protection and an even tanning effect. For a long-lasting body tan in just four hours, what you need is Fountain Passion: Mousse Tan. The luxurious, light-as-air self-tanning lotion provides a natural, golden tan without streaking and is suitable for all skin types.