Mencare | the hirsute male

Not since Flower Power and the free-love hipppy movement have we seen so much male hair. Feelin’ groovy in the 1970s meant letting it all hang out and not permitting scissors to go anywhere near their tresses or beards. However the 21st century hairy man is taming his wild beast. Unheard of in previous generations, he is visiting grooming parlours to stylise his facial hair and mane.

No one these days would think about leaving the house without their phone. And as we all know, you can accomplish many things on a smart phone; most importantly, taking selfies and posting them on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. So with an appearance to uphold, and fashion forward hairy features to maintain, you men are trimming and clipping, waxing and oiling, combing and shaving like we’ve never seen before. To help you manage your bushy beards and tousled manes, Fountain Cosmetics has a few mencare tips and a bunch of products to keep your hair and beard tame, and grooming effortless.

Keep it clean

Like your head hair, whiskers need to be kept clean. So you don’t irritate your skin, use a mild shampoo on your facial hair and follow with a conditioner, such as Fountain Moisture haircare. Pat dry, then comb through with a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles. As whiskers are much coarser than head hair, finish by enriching with specially formulated beard products that condition facial hair. Beard oils Beard oils moisturise the skin under the beard to relieve itchiness and leave beard hair soft and manageable. To use, pour a small amount on the palm of the hand and, starting at the tips of the beard, rub in all the way to the face, making sure ample is applied to the skin. Fountain The Man: Shave Oil also provides maximum visibility for precision shaving around moustaches and goatees.


Regardless whether you are sporting a full beard or a pencil moustache, you will occasionally need to shave. For a luxurious shaving experience, and to help you achieve a more precise shave, we have a range of products including a gel, cream, foam, oil and serum. Each one of them will ensure your skin is nourished and leave your skin feeling clean, moisturised and protected.

Skin care

Whether shaving or not, applying Fountain Magnetic: After Shave Balm to your face will hydrate your skin leaving it feeling smooth, soft and refreshed. Containing advanced super-moisture complex, it also reverses the effects of razor burn and protects your skin from irritation and dryness after shaving. Apply liberally immediately after shaving as well evenings after cleansing.

Style it baby

Tousled, spiky or brushed back, whatever your style, the secret of a good ‘do (after a good haircut) is a little hair product. For a natural, unkept-but-stylish tousled look calls for a defining gel, such as Fountain Duke Flexible Hold Wax. Featuring plant botanicals, it will keep your hair nourished and healthy and let it falls sexily across your face. A short-hairdo that looks confident and stylish, but requires minimum effort, needs Fountain Knight: Hard Hold Wax. Containing plant botanicals, it nourishes your hair while providing a firm hold and matte finish. The comb-back needs a pliable wax without stiffness, such as Fountain Prince Pomade. Adding definition to curls, it helps maintain bounce and flexibility while taming frizz and revealing your hair’s natural shine.