Legacy | anti ageing products | luxurious skincare

We may not be able to turn back time, but Fountain Cosmetics has a Legacy for mature skin – anti ageing products that specifically support the skin’s needs with world-first technologies.

As we age, the process of cellular renewal slows and our skin naturally loses elasticity and resilience. However Legacy, innovative anti ageing products by Fountain, are specifically formulated to rejuvenate mature skin 50+ as well as balancing and slowing the ageing process in younger skin.

Anti ageing products

The Legacy range is the brainchild and legacy of Ray Townsend – Fountain’s chief chemist and skincare developer for over 40 years. Townsend’s aim was to create a luxurious but affordable anti-aging skincare line that supports cell renewal and hydration, while energising the skin’s regenerative processes for a firmer and more radiant, youthful appearance. A world first in anti aging skincare, the Legacy collection is formulated using marine and plant-sourced ingredients and three cutting-edge technologies (Enzyme, Cellular Communication and Complex Moisturising) to restore tired and mature skin.

Low pH

The chemistry behind the key enzyme used in Legacy is based on the unique fungi Mucor Miehei. Traditionally used for cheese production, it was recently discovered to have amazing anti-aging skincare properties. This enzyme is designed with low pH to maximise activity at the outer layer of the epidermis, the Stratum Corneum, and restrict it from interfering with natural cell regeneration at deeper levels. This results in uniform shedding of dead skin cells, leaving skin better equipped to combat daily environmental aggressors, protect against water loss, and ensure cell renewal is balanced and healthy.

Smart communication

Cellular communication works in a similar way to the smartphones in our pockets. Biological cells send and receive signals or messages. These messages are received by groups of molecules, with each molecule passing on a modified message to control one or more cell functions. Finally, these cells work together to send information to the last destination, which might be to maintain skin function or respond to injury. Unfortunately, as we get older, the natural ability for our cells to communicate decreases. However, Legacy range uses cellular communication technology to restore efficient cell functioning and improve intercellular signalling between the epidermal (outer skin layer) and dermal (middle skin layer) cells. This communication targets the visible signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and skin sagging, to rejuvenate mature skin.

Complex moisture

The third trailblazing technology used in the Legacy range is complex moisturising. Combining moisture retention actives, it balances water reservoirs deep in the epidermis resulting in a significant reduction in Trans Epidermal Water Loss to maintain hydration and suppleness. The end result? A brighter, more radiant and youthful looking you. Try Legacy today!