Ingredient Spotlight: CoQ10 (ubiquinone)

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is an antioxidant naturally made by the body to neutralise free radicals in cells. As we age, we make less CoQ10, which makes our skin more vulnerable to damage. Luckily, skincare with CoQ10 (in the form of ubiquinone) can help our skin fight free radicals generated by UV exposure and pollution.

CoQ10 has piles of research behind it. Applying CoQ10 on the skin increases antioxidant levels and decreases free radicals, and taking CoQ10 supplements can also improve wrinkles and skin texture.

Here's how CoQ10 works:

  1. Energises cell activity for brighter skin: active skin cells get rid of toxins easily and use nutrients more efficiently. Without CoQ10, this process slows down, causing dull and wrinkled skin.
  2. Reduces sun damage: UV rays provide a source of DNA-damaging free-radicals. Coq10 protects the skin at the molecular level.
  3. Stimulates collagen production: CoQ10 supports the body's ability to produce collagen, an all-important protein that helps your skin feel plump and firm.

How can I incorporate CoQ10 into my self-care routine?

A powerful antioxidant like CoQ10 benefits the entire body, not just the skin.

That's why our favourite way to use CoQ10 is to get it inside our body where it can do its best work. Each and every one of our anti-aging beauty drinks contains an ideal dose of CoQ10 blended with other nourishing, skin-friendly and health-promoting ingredients.

For an extra luxurious CoQ10 boost to your skincare routine, massage our Anti-Aging Body Oil into your skin to repair damage and slow down the aging process.