Ingredient Spotlight | Argan Oil

Argan oil is the golden child of skincare and haircare oils, and for good reason. It's lightweight, packed with good Omega fatty acids, Vitamin E and moisturising linoleic acids... and it's able to nourish skin and treat breakouts, making it perfect for many skin types.

What is argan oil?

Argan oil is a plant oil from the kernels of the argan tree, a tree native to Morocco. This oil can also be used for cooking, but argan oil for cosmetics is usually processed from less roasted kernels. Argan oil is a potent and high quality product, which means a little do a lot of good for your skin. A single drop can hydrate most skin types! Great argan oil products blend argan oil with other high quality, nutrient-rich ingredients to boost antioxidant content and support argan oil's hydrating qualities.

Skin benefits

Argan is ideal for all skin types, as its lightweight consistency means that it can hydrate oily skin without clogging pores and feeling greasy. It is also fantastic for regulating sebum production by the skin, which is why we include it in our Ideal Moisture to keep skin balanced and healthy. The Vitamin E content of argan oil means that it can help reduce fine lines, retain moisture and plump up skin. This makes it perfect for under-eye treatments as well as treatments for dry or mature skin. Our Total Moisture is rich in argan oil to create an exceptionally hydrating day cream.

Benefits for hair

Argan is amazing for conditioning hair, and not just the hair on our head -- our eyelashes benefit greatly from a small amount of oil! Moisturise and condition your lashes with a small drop of oil to withstand the harsh effects of mascara and makeup removal. As a hair treatment, argan oil promotes healthy hair growth. The rich Vitamin E content promotes healthy hair growth, boosting cells and encouraging regrowth. Argan oil can also fight dandruff and dry scalp by moisturising the scalp and reducing irritation. You can see the most immediate effects when you use our Argan Oil Treatment. Your hair becomes frizz-free, shiny and glossy, and incredibly soft after a single application of our Argan Oil Treatment. This treatment is particularly good to use before heat styling as it can protect against heat damage and physical friction from combs and brushes.