Flyaway Hair

Flyaway Hair

Taming those flyaways!

Flyaway hair is when your hair is dry, frizzy with a lot of static cling. The hair often sticks out at an angle on the side of the hair which is primarily caused by the static charge of the hair. Static is when you or your hair brush become charged with a net positive or negative charge.


So when you comb your hair the negative charge moves from your hair to your brush, thus your hair is only positively charged and your brush negatively charged. So with all your hairs positively charged they repel each other; thus causing flyaway hair.


Flyaway’s are more common during winter as the dry air can act as an insulator, keeping the charges for longer.


Ways to combat frizzy hair:

-Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner due to flyaway hair being more common in dry hair.

-Don’t dry your hair with a towel; this can cause breakage and more frizzes. Try drying with a t-shirt or paper towels.

-Brush your hair when it is damp; not sopping wet or bone dry and use a wide tooth comb for detangling. This can prevent breakage and more frizzes.

-Use hair dryers and heating devices, at a minimum so as not to dry out the hair overly much.