Facial cleansing | spring cleaning tips for your skin

Winter woes are now behind us, and so too can dry itchy skin. With the help from a little facial cleansing and deep moisturising products, you can restore your skin back to its sunny, glowing disposition.

Birdsong heralds day break. Sunlight hours are longer. Days are warmer. And evenings are filled with sweet floral scents. Yep. Nothing says spring like Mother Nature. And, just like your home, your skin is in need of a good spring facial cleansing to shake off the winter blues.

Daily exfoliation

Low humidity combined with drying indoor heating can sap the moisture right out of your skin during the cooler months, leaving it dry, dull and often itchy. So the first step in your spring facial cleansing routine is to restore your skin back to its radiant self by purging the top layer of rough, dehydrated skin. After cleansing in the morning, we recommend exfoliating. This will remove dead skin cells that can clog pores, and smooth the rough surface layer of the epidermis, which can leave skin looking dull and lifeless. Daily exfoliation will leave your skin smoother and able to absorb moisturising products better for a brighter and more radiant complexion.

Twice daily douse of moisture

Your skin is now prepped and ready to soak up every last drop of moisture to supercharge it for summer. Fountain has a range of luxurious moisturisers to hydrate your skin and help delay the ageing process. Formulated with active ingredients, our daily moisturisers help transport nutrients around the body to nourish your skin to keep it healthy. When applying, don’t forget about your neck and décolletage. These may have been secreted away under layers of clothes during winter. But now the layers are off, you’ll want to reveal healthy, glowing skin there, too. Fountain has moisturising products suitable for all skin types, including dry, extra dry, oily, sensitive and normal.

Turn it up a notch

As we age, and after a very dry winter, we need a little boost to deeply nourish, lock in moisture and restore elasticity to our skin. Adding a serum or peptide-infused oil is the easiest way to supplement your daily skincare routine. Fountain’s anti-ageing serums and oils use advanced active ingredients and sophisticated technologies to target various skin complaints. Featuring vitamins, antioxidants and peptides, they protect, hydrate, repair, and correct skin. They also help reduce wrinkles and increase the production of collagen for a firmer, smoother, and younger looking complexion. Apply serum or oil after cleansing. Allow your skin to absorb it fully before applying your moisturiser.

Weekly mask treatment

A weekly face mask treatment boosts hydration and adds nutrients to the deeper layers of your skin, giving you a healthier, smoother and revitalized appearance. Fountain’s face masks are light and refreshing. Formulated using active ingredients and nourishing botanicals, they help your skin retain moisture and reverse the signs of ageing. With four distinctly different masks to choose from – including our Hydrating Mask (designed to increase fatty tissue to plump the skin and restore facial volume) and our Collagen Gel Mask (specially formulated to hydrate and revitalise sensitive, dry and mature skin) – they help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and leave your skin feeling softer, cleaner and younger.

Moving forward

At different times of year, and different periods of your life, your skin will call for a variety of skin-drenching products to keep your skin looking its best. Having a selection on hand will help you to give your skin what it requires the moment it needs it.

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