Can skincare fix everything?

Serums vs Botox seems like an easy debate. After all, if you ask: can serums fix already existing, deepset wrinkles? The short answer is no.

  If you want to completely banish already existing wrinkles (that don't go away even when your face is relaxed), your only non-surgical option is anti-wrinkle injections (like Botox) or fillers. But going under the needle can cost thousands of dollars, as anti-wrinkle and filler injections need to be redone every 3-6 months. And as any good cosmetic surgeon will tell you, the risk of negative consequences from injections is low, but certainly possible. Topical skincare treatments like serums and creams are pain-free and easier on the budget — and they actually help your skin regenerate itself, unlike Botox (which only stops wrinkles by freezing the muscle). Even Botox-treated skin looks better with topical skincare treatments. What should you look for to boost your skin's regeneration process?

1. Look for retinol-based serums.

Retinol, derived from Vitamin A, is the gold standard for anti-ageing in skincare. Retinol minimises wrinkles, boosts the skin's thickness and slows the breakdown of collagen. Dermatologists prescribe a strong, aggressive Vitamin A derivative known as tretinoin, for acne and fine lines — but tretinoin is notorious for causing side effects like peeling skin and dryness, so retinol is a safer, more gentle altnernative. Retinol works by encouraging the skin cells to turn over, making way for new cell growth and younger skin cells. Our Think A serum has encapsulated retinol, keeping it fresh and potent until the moment you apply it. Note: these new skin cells are very sensitive to the sun! Wear sun protection when you're using retinol products, even when you haven't applied it.

2. Peptides can have Botox-like effects

When collagen breaks down, it leaves smaller strings made of peptides. By applying peptides on the skin, you fool the body into thinking that more collagen needs to be made. Some synthetic peptides, like argireline, are actually related to Botox. Botox destroys the neurotransmitters (sent from the brain to the muscle) that cause your facial muscles to contract and make wrinkles. Argireline, on the other hand, works by reducing those messages. It's a similar principle, just applied differently. SNAP-8 is another peptide with results comparable to argireline. SNAP-8 communicates with your neurotransmitters, causing limited movement in your facial muscles. You can avoid Botox treatments by looking for products with argireline or SNAP-8 peptides. Look for 'acetyl hexapeptide' on the extended ingredients list, or Argireline (the registered trademark) on the packaging. SNAP-8 is also known as 'acetyl glutamyl heptapeptide-1'. Not sure where to start? Our  Timeless I Anti-Wrinkle oil has potent amounts of SNAP-8, while our  Neuro Love eye cream is full of argireline to help your skin's regeneration process.